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Career Opportunities with a Bachelor of Science Degree

A Bachelor of Science degree opens doors to many career paths. In fact, a Bachelor of Science offers a huge range of majors, including engineering, health sciences, business, and technology. With so many options, it’s no wonder why thousands of students elect to pursue a B.S. degree each year.

If you’re a recent high school graduate or a returning adult student, it’s helpful to know what fields of study fall under the Bachelor of Science umbrella. You might be surprised at how many science-related fields exist! Check out the list below:

  • Applied Physics
  • Architecture
  • Biochemistry
  • Chemistry
  • Civil Engineering
  • Community Health
  • Computer Engineering
  • Computer Science
  • Construction Management
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Environmental Geology
  • Geology
  • Healthcare Administration
  • Informatics
  • Mathematics
  • Nuclear Medicine
  • Nursing
  • Nutrition Sciences
  • Public Health
  • Sports Medicine

Quite a list, wouldn’t you agree? And this list is by no means exhaustive. In fact, each school has its own unique program structure, and not all schools offer the same academic opportunities. But that’s what is so great about higher education—the number of opportunities available to students is limitless!

Job Market with a Bachelor of Science Degree

Jobs are not easy to come by these days, and for recent college graduates, it’s hard not be concerned about your future. However, a Bachelor of Science degree is definitely a career booster. Why? Science-related careers are growing in number due to technological advances and competitive changes in many of today’s industries, such as healthcare, engineering, computer science, and information technology. The scientific workforce is booming, and employers need your expertise.

But it’s important to know what fields need workers. Not all majors are in high demand right now, so as you embark on your college search, take some time to research what career fields are hiring.

The above is just a sampling of possible career paths. There are many lucrative opportunities in finance, as well as IT, healthcare, and construction. In order to best prepare for life after graduation, talk to a career counselor, snag an internship, or get a summer job to gain as much experience as possible in your field. The more you can add to your resume while attending classes, the better.

If you’re currently working in a field not related to your major, but want to, try volunteering or shadowing a colleague in an area you think you might be interested in. For example, if you’re pursuing a degree in accounting but your weekend job has you working as a painter, set up a meeting with your employer’s accountant. Ask questions, shadow him or her for a day or two, and learn as much as you can about bookkeeping and payroll. You never know, you might impress the boss and land a job after graduation. Every bit of experience helps!

Guide to Accredited Campus & Online Bachelors of Science Degree Programs

Walden University – Walden University offers students more than 15 online bachelor degree programs and 55 different concentrations. Add this to the school's additional degree options, and you have a well-rounded university that empowers working professionals to earn their degree. Each student is assigned an advisor to help find a degree program that fits their needs.
Ashford University – Ashford University features five world-class universities. The system offers a wide variety of degrees, with the online division offering over 80 bachelor's degrees alone. The online course offerings provide working professionals access to education that can change lives. Graduates are found throughout the country.
Purdue University – The brand name in online education, Purdue features programs in the schools of Arts and Sciences, Business, Criminal Justice, Education, Health Sciences, Information Systems and Technology, Legal Studies, Nursing, Purdue Continuing Education, and Law. Purdue is one of the nations largest colleges and features a staff dedicated to your learning.
Grand Canyon University – Grand Canyon University has several schools that offer degrees including: College of Education, Fine Arts and Production, Arts and Sciences, Nursing, and Business. Grand Canyon is built on Christian principles and for each degree program an emphasis is placed on applying Christian values and ethics to the classroom.
Liberty University – Liberty University offers students over 70 majors and specializations including aeronautics, philosophy, religion, English, worship & music ministry, business, and criminal justice. The university's online degree offerings are tremendous, providing degrees from the associates to doctoral level. The university also has a supportive, Christ-centered environment.
South University – South University offers degrees in its College of Arts & Sciences, Business, Creative Arts and Design, Health Professions, Nursing, and Pharmacy. Programs at South University use multimedia in the curriculum and are designed to provide students with the highest levels of interaction with other students and faculty.
Colorado Technical University – At Colorado Technical University, students are able to select from online technology and engineering focused degree programs in Business, Accounting, Criminal Justice, Paralegal Studies, Electronics Technology, Radiologic Technology, Nursing, Digital Media, Business, Finance, and Engineering and Computer Science. Students are treated to professors that welcome engaging discussion in the classroom.

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