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20 Educational Apps for Science Lovers

Most Bachelor of Science degrees are given in the fields of math and science. The broad set of fields includes chemistry, biology, engineering, animal sciences, anthropology, earth science, geology, just to name a few. And science-minded professionals are needed more than ever to champion innovative ideas and to fill positions in laboratories, hospitals, and research centers.

So if science is your calling, earning a B.S. degree is where it’s at. To help you with your studies, we’ve compiled a list of some of the most useful and educational applications out there to help further your studies, and ultimately, career.

Space Enthusiasts: B.S. in Aerospace Engineering; B.S. in Physics; B.S. in Astronomy
  1. GoSkyWatch Planetarium
    • Free; iTunes App Store (iPad only)
    • If you spend hours gazing at the stars, wondering where the Big Dipper ends and the Hercules Constellation begins, or whether the Milky Way is really made of chocolate, this app is for you. Stargazers use GoSkyWatch Planetarium to identify and locate stars, planets, and constellations. Simply point it at the sky and start exploring.
  2. NASA Visualization Explorer
    • Free; iTunes App Store (iPad only)
    • Get the latest stories on space research, and connect directly to NASA’s fleet of research spacecraft with the incredible NASA Visualization Explorer, which is essentially an iPad news outlet for America’s favorite space explorers. Discover stunning images, visualizations, and animations of the universe we live in direct from the people exploring it firsthand.
Anatomy Lovers: B.S. in Human Physiology; B.S. in Human Anatomy
  1. 3D Brain
    • Free; iTunes App Store & Google Play Store
    • Learn how the brain functions, what happens when it gets injured, and how mental illness manifests itself physically with the 3D Brain App by Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory. (Click here for the Android version.) Read thorough descriptions of each of the brain’s 28 structures, as well as information on brain damage, case studies, and links to modern research.
  2. EyeDecide
    • $4.99; iTunes App Store
    • View the eyeball as you’ve never seen it before with EyeDecide. Explore the anatomy, view the eye in 360 degrees, learn about eye conditions, causes, and treatments, and even locate eye specialists near you.
  3. Speed Anatomy Quiz
    • Free; iTunes App Store & Google Play Store
    • Who says learning can’t be fun? Test your knowledge of the human body with the fun, interactive speed anatomy quizzes in Speed Anatomy Quiz Free. (Click here for the iTunes App Store version.) The app covers 300 parts of the body, from the incisor to the gallbladder. A beefed-up version is available on both platforms for $.99. For more practice, check out developer Benoit Essiambre’s Speed Muscles, Speed Bones, and Speed Angiology quizzes.
Chemistry & Biology Fanatics: B.S. in Chemistry; B.S. in Biology
  1. Periodic Table of Elements
    • Free; Google Play Store
    • A must-have for chemistry students and enthusiasts, the Periodic Table of Elements app by Merck offers a full-color, interactive periodic table complete with detailed information on each element’s physical characteristics, reactivity, uses, discovery, and unique features.
  2. Gene Screen
    • Free; iTunes App Store
    • The DNA Learning Center of Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory hits a home run with the Gene Screen app, which effectively teaches the basics of genetics, genetic diseases, and genetic screenings thanks to helpful animations. Fill out a Punnett Square, browse the educational information, map genetic diseases, and take advantage of a well-sourced list of online resources.
  3. iCell
    • Free; iTunes App Store & Google Play Store
    • With iCell, your biology textbook is in your pocket. Study wonderfully constructed 3D models of animal, plant and bacteria cells, and learn the basics of organelles.
  4. Mitosis
    • Free; iTunes App Store
    • The handy Mitosis app offers guidance and information on the process of cell division, which is the process responsible for everything from growth to repair. View photos and videos, and explore both audio and text as you interact with a cell during the various phases of mitosis, from interphase to cytokinesis.
Physics Junkies: B.S. in Physics; B.S. in Astrophysics; B.S. in Engineering Physics
  1. Formulas Lite
    • Free; Google Play Store
    • There are a number of free apps out there stocked with all the basic formulas you need for math, physics, and chemistry. Formulas Lite is one of our favorites; it includes a scientific calculator, interesting facts, and a translator.
  2. Gamma Ray Calculator
    • Free; Google Play Store
    • Forget the slide rule and take the shortcut in physics class with the Gamma Ray Calculator for Iridium-192, Selinium-75, and Cobalt-60 sources. Fill in the thickness, activity (in Curies), and source-film-distance, and the app will spit out the proper exposure time.
Nature Buffs: B.S. in Ecology; B.S. in Environmental Science; B.S. in Geology
  1. Project Noah
    • Free; iTunes App Store & Google Play Store
    • Have you ever dreamed of being an explorer and documenting new worlds, animals, and plants? Feel like Darwin with Project Noah, a community-based app that allows you to snap a picture of an unknown plant or animal, submit it, and learn to identify the organism. Manage your spottings, earn patches based on your findings, participate in classification missions, and help nature organizations gather data for research projects.
  2. NatureFind
    • Free; iTunes App Store
    • Whether you’re a city dweller, a suburbanite, or a forest-dweller, everyone needs some green space now and then. Download NatureFind, a guide to help you find the closest parks, forests and nature centers, as well as local nature events.
  3. Trailhead by The North Face
    • Free; iTunes App Store
    • Attention explorers! Locate the nearest hiking trails and biking trails, including length, pictures, and tips with the much-lauded Trailhead app. Save searches by activity and length, and track your route, distance, speed and elevation in real time.
For All Science-Related Majors
  1. National Geographic
    • National Geographic offers a number of apps, as well as digital magazines and iBooks, to keep any science lover busy. Learn to identify birds, see a list of national parks, play adventure games, or stay in the loop with National Geographic Today, available only on iPad.
  2. Science News Lite
    • Free; Google Play Store
    • Get your daily news fix from the fields of physics, medicine, nanotechnology, electronics, space and earth sciences, biology, chemistry, computer sciences, engineering, mathematics, and more with the unfortunately named, but still awesome, Science News Lite app. If you want even more content, download the paid version ($5), which is less “lite” and more bite.
  3. Science360
    • Free; iTunes App Store (iPad only)
    • Get the latest science news with Science360, developed by the Science360 Knowledge Network and sponsored by the National Science Foundation. Enjoy high-quality pictures, graphics and videos and constantly updated content from NSF-funded institutions, including leading researchers at top universities.
  4. Science Glossary
    • Free; iTunes App Store
    • For all your unanswered questions, the Science Glossary App by Visionlearning has an answer, a definition, and a detailed science learning module. Browse hundreds of scientific terms and mini-biographies of famous scientists, and feed your hunger for science knowledge.
  5. Survival Guide
    • Free; iTunes App Store
    • Every scientist needs to know how to survive. With the Survival Guide, learn how to live through disasters and procure the basics needed for human life: water, food, shelter, habitat, and mental strength. Plan your survival kit, learn to make fire, identify poisonous plants and dangerous animals, and more.
  6. Wolfram|Alpha
    • $2.99; iTunes App Store & Google Play Store
    • We saved the best for last. As a computational knowledge engine, Wolfram|Alpha is quickly becoming the source to beat for top-quality, well-organized information. (Click here for the Android version.) Access thousands of domains and learn about everything from mathematics to science to weather to history to finance to sports to medicine to language to music to geography and more. Parts of this app are used by the iPhone’s Siri.

Guide to Accredited Campus & Online Bachelors of Science Degree Programs

Walden University – Walden University offers students more than 15 online bachelor degree programs and 55 different concentrations. Add this to the school's additional degree options, and you have a well-rounded university that empowers working professionals to earn their degree. Each student is assigned an advisor to help find a degree program that fits their needs.
Ashford University – Ashford University features five world-class universities. The system offers a wide variety of degrees, with the online division offering over 80 bachelor's degrees alone. The online course offerings provide working professionals access to education that can change lives. Graduates are found throughout the country.
Purdue University – The brand name in online education, Purdue features programs in the schools of Arts and Sciences, Business, Criminal Justice, Education, Health Sciences, Information Systems and Technology, Legal Studies, Nursing, Purdue Continuing Education, and Law. Purdue is one of the nations largest colleges and features a staff dedicated to your learning.
Grand Canyon University – Grand Canyon University has several schools that offer degrees including: College of Education, Fine Arts and Production, Arts and Sciences, Nursing, and Business. Grand Canyon is built on Christian principles and for each degree program an emphasis is placed on applying Christian values and ethics to the classroom.
Liberty University – Liberty University offers students over 70 majors and specializations including aeronautics, philosophy, religion, English, worship & music ministry, business, and criminal justice. The university's online degree offerings are tremendous, providing degrees from the associates to doctoral level. The university also has a supportive, Christ-centered environment.
South University – South University offers degrees in its College of Arts & Sciences, Business, Creative Arts and Design, Health Professions, Nursing, and Pharmacy. Programs at South University use multimedia in the curriculum and are designed to provide students with the highest levels of interaction with other students and faculty.
Colorado Technical University – At Colorado Technical University, students are able to select from online technology and engineering focused degree programs in Business, Accounting, Criminal Justice, Paralegal Studies, Electronics Technology, Radiologic Technology, Nursing, Digital Media, Business, Finance, and Engineering and Computer Science. Students are treated to professors that welcome engaging discussion in the classroom.

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