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What is the Value of a Bachelor of Science Degree?

If you’re considering earning a Bachelor of Science degree, be prepared to start your search immediately after reading this article.

Why? Bachelor of Science degrees include lucrative concentrations such as accounting, engineering, chemistry, business, and health sciences. These fields are in high demand and often pay well. Plus, as technology advances, so does the need for engineers, computer scientists, and other science-minded professionals.

Make the Most Out of Your Degree

If you’re set on earning a Bachelor of Science degree, make sure it’ll pay off. You don’t want to spend a lot of money and time on a degree that won’t help you get a job.

First, verify your school of choice is accredited. If it’s not accredited, don’t bother filling out an application. Accreditation means everything when it comes to education. But how do you know if your school is accredited?

  1. Start here: U.S. Department of Education
  2. Then, check out these sites:
  3. And finally, visit a few others:

By checking a school’s accreditation status, you save yourself money and time. Additionally, accreditation proves credibility. Without it, you might be left with a useless degree and whole lotta debt! The value of your degree is often directly proportional to where you earned it.

Salary Trends and Career Projections

As mentioned above, a Bachelor of Science degree encompasses many areas of concentration, some of which yield impressive salaries. If you’re interested in working as an accountant, an engineer, or a chemist, check salary statistics to determine your earning potential after you graduate. If IT is your field of choice, check salary stats for graphic designers, information technologists, programmers, and other related professions.

It’s pretty difficult to determine precisely how much you’ll earn after you graduate. But by researching online, you’ll be able to get an idea of your earning potential. The Bureau of Labor Statistics publishes annual salary estimates for hundreds of career fields.

Also, make sure you choose a school that offers the right training and education necessary to secure a job in your field. For example, not all schools have a robust catalog of courses for engineering students. Some schools only offer a few engineering programs, while others offer a broad range.

Career Preparation and Readiness

In addition to accreditation and salary potential, career preparation is essential for graduates to succeed in the real world. And some schools do a better job than others at preparing students for what’s to come.

Before you enroll in school, set up some time to meet with an admissions advisor or faculty member to discuss internship programs and career services. The value of your degree increases the more experience you have in your field. If you can secure an internship while in school, you’ll gain valuable, hands-on training while boosting your resume and job readiness skills.

A few things to keep in mind:

  • Does the school offer job placement services?
  • How accessible is faculty at helping students with career advice and guidance?
  • Does the school offer career fairs? If so, how many?
  • Are classes reflective of current issues and trends in your field?

Remember, the value of your degree increases with the prestige of the school, the strength of its faculty, and the amount of effort you are willing to put forth as you study.

Guide to Accredited Campus & Online Bachelors of Science Degree Programs

Walden University – Walden University offers students more than 15 online bachelor degree programs and 55 different concentrations. Add this to the school's additional degree options, and you have a well-rounded university that empowers working professionals to earn their degree. Each student is assigned an advisor to help find a degree program that fits their needs.
Ashford University – Ashford University features five world-class universities. The system offers a wide variety of degrees, with the online division offering over 80 bachelor's degrees alone. The online course offerings provide working professionals access to education that can change lives. Graduates are found throughout the country.
Purdue University – The brand name in online education, Purdue features programs in the schools of Arts and Sciences, Business, Criminal Justice, Education, Health Sciences, Information Systems and Technology, Legal Studies, Nursing, Purdue Continuing Education, and Law. Purdue is one of the nations largest colleges and features a staff dedicated to your learning.
Grand Canyon University – Grand Canyon University has several schools that offer degrees including: College of Education, Fine Arts and Production, Arts and Sciences, Nursing, and Business. Grand Canyon is built on Christian principles and for each degree program an emphasis is placed on applying Christian values and ethics to the classroom.
Liberty University – Liberty University offers students over 70 majors and specializations including aeronautics, philosophy, religion, English, worship & music ministry, business, and criminal justice. The university's online degree offerings are tremendous, providing degrees from the associates to doctoral level. The university also has a supportive, Christ-centered environment.
South University – South University offers degrees in its College of Arts & Sciences, Business, Creative Arts and Design, Health Professions, Nursing, and Pharmacy. Programs at South University use multimedia in the curriculum and are designed to provide students with the highest levels of interaction with other students and faculty.
Colorado Technical University – At Colorado Technical University, students are able to select from online technology and engineering focused degree programs in Business, Accounting, Criminal Justice, Paralegal Studies, Electronics Technology, Radiologic Technology, Nursing, Digital Media, Business, Finance, and Engineering and Computer Science. Students are treated to professors that welcome engaging discussion in the classroom.

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